Heart Energy

Did you know that the heart emits 5,000 times more energy than the mind?  This is amazing considering that as a culture we place so much importance on our mind; being logical, rational and thinking things through.  But, when we go within, we are able to connect to our intuition, our true desires and who we really are.   The thought of the heart having 5,000 times more energy output than the mind has created all sorts of questions as well as an “Aha! That makes sense’  moment.  After all, we are not free-floating brains in the world.  As I write that, an image of the alien creatures from the Mars Attacks movie with SJP and Pierce Brosnan comes to mind where the alien heads were much bigger than their bodies and the first to explode. Anyhoo…..


 We connect with others through our hearts. We connect with the world around us with our hearts, with heart energy.

Since the heart emits 5,000 times more energy than the mind, then we actually connect on an energetic heart level before we even see each other.  Think about a time when you thought of someone, and then the next day or even moments later they call, you receive an email or you run into them.  Did you just think about them, or did you have a feeling attached to the thought however minor or momentarily?  For instance the feeling you have or had about the relationship or person.

We can live an intellectual life, but that is only one dimension of our being, and we can only go so far in relationship to self and others if we stay only in our intellect.  To engage our heart energy is to engage with Life.  My heart is connected to the earth, animals and all inhabitants on this planet and I would bet all my material possessions that yours is too.  Heart energy connects me to strangers and loved ones.  People that I don’t even know will come in contact with (me) my heart energy as I eat in restaurants, shop for groceries, walk around the city, or pass another in the hallway. All of this happening on a subconscious, invisible heart energy wave-length, which leads me to ask, “What is my heart (energy) saying?”

What is your heart energy saying to others?