Follow your Heart

images-7I’ve been debating on whether to share more personal posts, but then I reminded myself that this is my blog about all things heart centered.  And, I also thought that if someone doesn’t want to read it, they don’t have to.  So here I go, writing about ‘following your heart’ because I have decided to do just that. I have also worked with many people in transition from a familiar life to an unknown life.

Following my heart meant that  I needed to leave a my steady paying job, simply because it was sucking the life out of me and I allowed it to happen by staying longer than what was good for me.   I stuffed and ignored what my heart and body were telling me for a long time.  I knew I needed to leave, but I just kept putting off the inevitable because of fear.  I rationalized the experience by telling myself, ” The pay is good,” ‘the job isn’t always so stressful,’ ‘ I have a steady income’ blah blah blah.   This worked, until it didn’t.   My body was breaking down, therefore screaming for a change.  I had to listen.  “Leave!”   So I did. I left a steady paying and  stressful job in August without any consistent income coming in.  I figured that I can’t just talk and write about taking care of yourself if I’m not doing it for myself.  So I set out to go into private practice full-time instead of part time and take some time to rest and heal and work on bringing my life back into balance.

In doing so, I’m walking through the dark (unknown) by listening.   I have no idea what my life will look like a year from now or even next month, but I’m Listening to my intuition, the Universe, my sleeping dreams, and my body for clues and guidance.  I am following what has heart and meaning. It takes work to shave off the internal landscape. I thought I was finished but nope, I’m not; which is irritating in itself, but that’s a different post. I get more life lessons on boundaries (getting clear on what I really want to do and saying no to the things that will leave me with resentment by making decisions out of fear),  working through negative emotions (fear, doubt, worry) and thoughts (you can fill in the blank).

All to be able to Listen better and in the process, Cultivate my heart.